Instagram and Blogging To Make Money

Make money with Instagram

Have you been thinking about starting a money making blog? Or maybe you want to become a famous YouTuber. Or you want to create an Instagram account and create hundreds of thousands of followers.

Well, you know what? It is possible. But one thing is sure, if you don’t start, your dreams will never become a reality.

Today we’re gonna be talking about “should you start that blog, YouTube channel or Instagram account.”

Look, we’ve all seen and heard it. You go on TV and they’re talking about someone that’s become famous on YouTube. Or you’ve heard about someone getting offers from companies for hunderds of thousands of dollars because they’ve built up a following on Instagram.

Or they’ve become say maybe a fashion model because someone saw their photos on Instagram. Or maybe you’ve heard of someone actually building an online business or becoming very successful just by starting a blog and that blog becoming very popular.

Well you know what? I wanna tell you that it is possible and if you start today, right now, your dreams of being successful blogging, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or whatever, can become a reality.

Work From Home Blogging and Instagram

I actually do work from home. I blog. I have a YouTube channel. Those are the 2 main things I do. I also have Facebook pages, an Instagram account. But I wanna tell you that I run my business from my home and so can you.

I know you may be thinking, how can I do this or that, I can never get 100,000 Instagram followers or a million YouTube subscribers. But you know what, those people who have that started at day one where they had no followers, no subscribers.

They all took a step of faith and started. And that’s what you have to do because remember, Rome was not built in a day. When you see these people that are successful on YouTube and Instagram or have successful blogs that they’ve built businesses off, this is from months and maybe even years of hard work, persistence and dedication and just sticking with it.

And I want to tell you that you can do it. And I know sometimes you may have thoughts in your head. You may have doubts that you can’t do it. And you may be thinking things like this.

Today I’m gonna start my blog and write one blog post. I’m just gonna take one step today and do it right now. I’m just gonna do it. I have to start it. It’s my dream. I have a goal of working at home.

They’re not gonna be able to find your blog out of the millions of blogs that are already out there. This is just a waste of time. There’s no way you’re gonna make it to like a million subscribers, okay? Nobody cares about this. You’re not special.

I want to encourage you today to start that blog, to start that YouTube channel, to create that Instagram account.

If you want to be a food blogger or if you want to have a fashion Instagram account or if you wanna have a successful blog on maybe parenting, whatever it is, I want you to believe in yourself and start today. Because you know what? You are an uncommon breed.

And you know other people may not understand you wanting to start this and wanting to do this. And that’s normal. Because it’s not their dreams, it’s yours, right? It’s in your DNA, right? Don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t do your dreams.

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